Landbou Radio – 13 October 2021

There are basic steps to be taken when you want to auction your livestock. Decide which animals you are going to sell, determine the quality and characteristics of your animals according to age, fatness and conformation. In our program of 13 October, Stephanus Malan of Paardefontein Boergoat Stud near Adelaide in the Eastern Cape talks about the preparations before an auction and emphasises that these preparations must be done well in advance.
Hennie le Roux of Witsand Boergoat Stud in the Northern Cape talks about breeding systems. Inbreeding is a system of breeding in which closely related animals are related and line breeding is a system in which the degree of relationship is less intense than in inbreeding and is a mild form of inbreeding.

Andries Pienaar of Trumps Merino near Hanover decided to add more value to their stud in 2012. They imported 150 straws of semen of a ram ED 120 with outstanding wool. This ram is polled. Andries talks about their selection criteria and their breeding objectives.

Ilse Lombard of Ilse Lombard Boergoat Stud near Vrede talks about the preparation of ewes before an auction.
Dr Johnny van der Merwe, Director of AMT, Lecturer at NWU and Agricultural Economist has the latest on agricultural market trends and grain and livestock price movements.

Tune in to your favorite community radio station or listen to the program on your cell phone or computer using the Landbou Radio SoundCloud link. Farm with joy.

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