About Harvest SA Magazine

Harvest SA is a South African magazine, for all farmers and those involved in the agricultural sector.  Informative articles, written with a personal touch, that cover issues of the day.  The publication is distributed on a bi-monthly basis and is now a fully interactive digital publication offering farmers completely free access to the magazine. 

We have entered into agreements with prominent South African agricultural organizations and associations and secured all their members’ email addresses for distribution of Harvest SA’s digital publication.  The interactive digital version of the magazine has the same distribution as the print version but with our digital platforms, we can now reach a much larger audience in the agricultural sector. 

The magazine delivers a unique, highly focused reading experience.  The magazine is tailored to deliver a potent mix of editorial to build engagement, and our customized content will drive conversation and keep the reader informed, inspired, and entertained.  The magazine keeps our readers on top of the latest agricultural and farming news from South Africa and the rest of Africa.  Harvest SA’s readers are forward-thinking, solution-driven, profit-orientated, and politically diverse.  Our wide readership is a direct result of the magazine’s broad range of topics and expert contributors. 

We have launched this new concept of an interactive digital publication because currently in the South African market a FULLY ‘interactive digital’ agricultural publication is not yet available.  ‘Yes’ – digital format is currently used by other AGRI magazines, but not INTERACTIVE!!!  Harvest SA now delivers a unique, highly focused, fun, and interesting reading experience that will keep the reader entertained.  By a click, touch or swipe, one is able to perform different operations – from a simple page turn to more complex interactions such as buying a product directly from the magazine.  Essentially, the interactivity component will form the backbone of the magazine. Advertisers are now able to transform their content into a visually compelling story that is responsive on any device.

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