Landbou Radio – 28 April 2021

It is necessary to comply with certain basic production requirements to produce mutton economically in an extensive production system. In our program of 28 April, Dr Louis du Pisani, Independent Agriculturalist, discusses the importance of taking care of your veld. Never exceed the carrying capacity of your land. Good veld management is extremely important.

Dr Johan Steyn, Veterinarian at Ramsem and Meatmaster sheep farmer, tells us more about the use of artificial reproductive techniques, the different types of techniques and its benefits. It is a specialised technique to be performed by a well-trained veterinarian.

Johan Nel is the Co-Owner of JJ Farming. He farms with Boer goats. He has some information regarding the selection of Boer goats according to the Boer Goat Association of South Africa’s standards.

Dr Johnny van der Merwe, Director of AMT, has the latest grain and livestock prices.

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