Landbou Radio – 11 January 2022

“The success of a farming business is not it’s size or how long you have been farming. The secret lies therein that you must live, eat, sleep and be actively involved as a farmer. Never trade your passion and never stop making new plans. Keep your focus and make sure your footsteps are amongst your animals.” These are the words of wisdom that Gordon Gilfillan’s father wrote down many years ago and today Gordon still practises these wise words in his Glen Heath Tuli Stud. In our program of 11 January Gordon talks about the traits of the Tuli Cattle breed and how he chooses the best bull to improve his stud.

Tiniel Hurter, Independent Agricultural Economist, talks about economic growth and how it can be achieved in the dairy industry. There are many challenges in this industry, but it can be overcome. Tiniel explains how the economic-energy plans works.

Ettienne Zeeman, dairy farmer in the Western Cape was a previous winner of the ARC for the dairy farm with the best somatic cell count. He talks about animal health, hygiene and sustainability in the dairy industry.
Stephen Mans-Sheard of the Tiptree Tuli Stud near Uitenhage talks about his management plan regarding his stud. He also highlights the economic traits of the Tuli Cattle breed. Stephen tells a story about a cow that protected her calf against a leopard. The maternal trait of this breed is a plus point for Stephen.

Tune in to your favorite community radio station or listen to the program on your cell phone or computer using the Landbou Radio SoundCloud link. Farm with joy.

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