Landbou Radio – 30 June 2021

The Blackheaded Persian originated in the arid regions of east Africa. This indigenous fat-rumped meat breed does well in arid semi-desert and the savanna bushveld. It is a small, smooth-haired breed with three varieties, the Blackhead Persian, the Redhead Persian, and the Speckled or Skilder Persian. The Blackhead Persian is one of the parent breeds of the well-known Dorper breed. In our program of 20 June, Kobus Lötter, Chairman of the Persian Breeders Association, tells us more about the Association, its members, and more about the farming with Persian sheep from a commercial point of view.

Dr. Johan van Rensburg, talks about production systems for mutton production in South Africa. It can be divided into two main groups, namely extensive and intensive systems. He also discusses lambing systems and says that you must choose the right breed for your production system. Do your homework first.

Barnie Venter of the Helderhoek Dormerstud near Reddersburg, tells us about this stud which is one of the oldest studs in the country. It is not always the biggest and eye-catching ram that makes the difference in your herd. Take a holistic look at your herd and what you need to improve your herd. The wrong choice will cost you, not only financially but also in years.

Dr. Johnny van der Merwe, Director of AMT has information on the latest agricultural market trends.

Tune in to your favorite community radio station or listen to the program on your cell phone or computer using the Landbou Radio SoundCloud link. Farm with joy.

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