Landbou Radio – 8 June 2021

Let nature take its course, and in natural selection, it is not us but the environment that determines survival and reproductive success of animals, and then systematically selection and matching bulls and females for breeding, based on scientific principles and incorporating performance recording will improve your cattle herd.  In our program of 8 June, Rustin Shawe of the Greenfields Africa Droughtmaster Stud near Utrecht tells us about his farming business. The Droughtmaster is known for its adaptability, heat tolerance, calving ease, quality carcass, and parasite resistance.

Dr. Joubert Nolte is the National Technical Manager Ruminants at Meadow Feeds. He discusses Ketoses, a metabolic disorder that occurs in cattle when energy demands exceed energy intake and result in a negative energy balance. He tells us more about the types of Ketoses and how to treat subclinical ketosis successfully.

Herman Kleynhans of the Kleynhansvelde Santa Gertudis Stud tells us about the history of this farming enterprise and how they imported Santa Gertrudis cattle from America. He also discusses the various factors that influence the profitability of a feedlot.

Bruce Taylor of the Garrisford Simbra Stud near Underberg also has an interesting story about the history of this stud. It is one of the oldest Simentaller and Simbra studs in the country. Jeff Taylor, the father of Bruce, imported Simentaller cattle from Namibia in 1965. Meat production is the main aim of their farming business.

Tune in to your favorite community radio station or listen to the program on your cell phone or computer using the Landbou Radio SoundCloud link. Farm with joy.

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