Landbou Radio – 27 May 2021

Leopards are versatile predators, these elusive cats can successfully occupy any habitat that supports sufficient numbers of prey species and which provides adequate cover for their ambush style of hunting. This means that leopards must navigate their way across land dedicated to human development agriculture of mining practices. As a result, they are exposed to an array of physiological, environmental and psycho-social factors that could cause stress.” These are the words of Dr Andrea Webste, post-doctoral research fellow with the Mammal Research Institute at the University of Pretoria. She has done a study to measure the stress levels within a leopard population without causing further stress. Dr Andrea tells us all about this study and the outcome.

Prof André Ganswind from the Mammal Research Institute at the University of Pretoria tells us about the non-invasive monitory of stress in wildlife, and the roll of the endocrine system of an animal.

Hanko Poolman of The Mushroom Connection tells us more about the production of mushrooms and shares some interesting information about the Lion’s Maine mushrooms, Oyster mushrooms and wild mushrooms.

Paul Aucamp of Vaalkrans Gamebreeders explains what the difference is between the blue and the black wildebeest. Some of the differences are that the Blue wildebeest tend to be of a dark grey colour with stripes that have a bluish sheen. The Black wildebeest has a cream-coloured tail, has brown coloured hair with a mane that ranges in colour from black to cream.

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