Landbou Radio – 4 May 2021

The proper development of the rumen after birth is critical to achieve the calf’s full potential for growth. Grown cattle have a stomach divided into four working parts, the rumen, the reticulum, the omasum and the abomasum.  The development of the rumen begins when calves start eating solid feeds.  In our program of 4 May, Dr Johan van Rensburg, Specialist Veterinarian, discusses the factors influencing rumen development.

Francois Knowles, Registrar of APAC and Johan Odendaal, Manager Biosecurity and Inspection Services at SAMIC, talks about the new Biosecurity rules for livestock agents and auctioneers that was published in the Government Gazette.  Auctioneers and agents have five months to comply with the new rules of face closure.

Dewald Olivier, CEO of the SA Feedlot Association, talks about opportunities for livestock owners and stresses that producers will have to change their way of thinking about Biosecurity.  They should explore new export markets.

Piet Brits, Hugenoot Cattle farmer from the Pietan Stud near Vaalwater, tells us more about this cattle breed, its hardiness, drought, and disease resistance.

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