Landbou Radio – 20 April 2021

A study was conducted at the Vaalharts Research Station with the aim to use the Bonsmara, Afrikaner and Nguni beef cattle herds as dam lines in crosses with specialised sire lines from Angus and Simmentaler breeds. In our program of 20 April, Prof Michiel Scholtz, Specialist Researcher in Applied Animal Genetics at the ARC, tells us more about the study and the breed utilization strategies for sustainable cattle production.

Barbara Bieldt, Manager Stewardship and Regulatory issues at the MPO has some information on the 2021 Nedbank MPO Stewardship Awards.

Dr Michael Bradfield, CEO of the Livestock Registering Federation, talks about the recording of production data and genotyping.

Hennie Snyman, Vehicle Consultant at Paradigm Agricultural Services has some information about the importance of animal movement and walking ability.

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