Landbou Radio – 30 March 2021

Some of the most important economic traits in cattle farming include reproduction, fertility, and carcass traits. But how are carcass traits measured? In the Landbou Radio program of 30 March, this question is answered by Dr Japie van der Westhuizen, General Manager of SA Studbook in the program of 30 March. He discusses the use of real-time ultrasound evaluation of carcass traits, how the measurements are done and what advantages it has in the cattle industry.

Riaan van Staden, Nguni cattle farmer of Babazeka Ngunis near Empangeni, tells us more about the Nguni Cattle breed, their resistance to internal and external parasites and how well the cattle tolerate extreme cold and heat alike.

Dr Chis van Dijk, Chief Executive Officer of the MPO, shares some information regarding the testing of bulls before the breeding season.

Dr Johan Cloete of MSD Animal Health, discusses the clinical signs, vaccination, and prevention of the acute Black Quarter, also known as Black Leg disease.

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