All about the Online Potato Marketing Playbook from HelloChoice™

Over the last 2 years HelloChoice™ have streamlined their Online Potato Marketing Playbook into a step by step guide to help you modernize your Potato Business and get the best farmgate prices.

These 6 steps work together to deliver a powerful marketing recipe for farmers committed to using these available tools and services.

Formulate your Marketing Strategy, based on your Buyer profile and proximity to markets.

This includes decisions about what you list on HelloChoice™, what you send to the municipal markets and whether your sell directly off your farm or use an agent.

These are all key decisions that the Green Numbers Report will help you make.

Understand and analyse your pricing model and farmgate price. Analyse prevailing market conditions and prices by gathering pricing information and trends, and using the HelloChoice™ Pricing Calculator to work out your farmgate price after deducting marketing and transport costs.

Select your HelloChoice™ marketplace and pricing option

Most farmers initially use the BID Marketplace available for 30min bidding at 7am and 9am every morning to achieve their sale price through a competitive bidding process. In this way, you have pricing certainty and the price is confirmed and paid BEFORE the product leaves the farm.

List & Trade your product on HelloChoice™ (HelloChoice™ manages invoicing and payment)

Once your produce is listed, Buyers buy your product freeing you up to do other things. The platform generates a Buyer Invoice which Buyers have four hours to pay, and the farmer is notified of payment BEFORE the potatoes are loaded.

Prepare your loads and Receive Payment (HelloChoice™ sends Packlist & supports the collection / delivery process)

Once payment is confirmed, you will receive a packlist of exactly what has been bought by which Buyer, together with specific pricing and volume information. You are then paid immediately once the duly validated delivery notes are received by HelloChoice™ via WhatsApp or email.

Green Numbers Reporting

Green Numbers Reporting helps you refine your Marketing Strategy – The Green Numbers Report gives you a single view of how your different marketing channels are performing. It was developed with Potato Farmers to compare farmgate prices after deducting marketing and transport costs and comparing this to a chosen benchmark to compare marketing channels to each other. Every time a channel achieves a better farmgate price, it gets a green number – hence we called it the ‘Green Numbers Report’.

Join now and modernize your potato business.

HelloChoice™ – Your Direct Online Trading Platform 

Please contact us for more information at or call 033 815 1036 or visit

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