Employee satisfaction is key to agri sustainability

As the agricultural sector continues to embrace the value of technology and the attendant move to mechanised operations, human capital remains a key to unlocking success in the agriculture sector.

With this said, health and wellness need to become a fundamental part of agricultural employers’ long-term strategy of building lasting relationships with their employees, with a view to enhancing the health and wellbeing of their employees and improving productivity.

Boasting over a decade’s experience within the agricultural sector, the HEALTH SQUARED Medical Scheme and the tailored Agility Agri solution possess an in-depth understanding of the agriculture industry, and have designed employee benefit solutions tailored to the needs of the industry.

As a purpose-designed employee benefit and healthcare solution, Agility Agri provides fully customisable and integrated cover for the industry across all income levels. This distinctive solution includes specific benefits for the non-metropole areas, focused healthcare networks for rural areas, together with their free Agility Rewards programme that offers free benefits and accessible across all regions of South Africa.

Healthcare cover takes the form of ten affordable medical scheme options on HEALTH SQUARED Medical Scheme that offers members the full spectrum of cover – from basic hospital plans to all-inclusive options all at affordable premiums with no compromise on benefits. Their range of option plans makes provision for every type of benefit option – from hospital cover, traditional options and savings plans.

As a HEALTH SQUARED member, employers and employees gain free access to the Agility Employee Wellbeing programme that provides for quality health and wellbeing benefits. This includes legal, financial and health advice from a broad panel of experts to mental wellbeing assistance. These services are now probably more valuable than ever before to ensure that employees have access to healthcare, mental wellbeing and lifestyle-related services.

To ensure a fully synergised offering, the Agility Agri solution includes seven gap and co-payment options via their Agility Gap and CoPay cover and low-income primary care through Agility StaffCare. Even seasonal and contract workers can be given access to appropriate medical care through the flexible rechargeable Agility Healthcard, to either enhance existing healthcare benefits or provide basic healthcare benefits to non-covered employees.

Agility Life and Agility Retirement Fund solutions complete the employee benefits continuum to provide a comprehensive solution for retirement planning and very reasonable life, disability and other group cover. n

For more information on the Agility Agri human capital solution go to www.agilitydistribution.co.za or call (021) 918 6210

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