Prophet Systems offers a highly configurable software solution that assists with many operational aspects concerning the Fresh Produce industry. We have spent decades developing and refining our business model in order to solve the complex challenges faced by the fresh produce supply chain.

Many of the world’s leading growers, distributors, processors and retailers rely on Prophet’s software to effectively manage their businesses. With offices on three continents and customers across the globe, we can help you wherever you are. Find out more about the real-world application of our software. Click here to read our customer testimonials.


Prophet delivers real-time stock and traceability management through seamless data exchange with all recognised industry stock systems. In so doing, fresh produce businesses are brought closer to their source, which allows them to trade profitably with importers in destination countries.

Prophet helps to drive down costs and to deliver higher margins through its real-time lot centric control. Pallet traceable lot accounting forms the foundation of our software and facilitates an integrated file structure to connect all aspects of inventory, sales, costs, charges and quality information. Furthermore, all information is traceable back to each individual item on a pallet and within any specific lot or consignment. This feature sets Prophet apart from all other Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems which typically use standard cost accounting to report performance.Everything we do at Prophet is aimed at improving the profitability of our customers’ businesses. Our main objective is to drive down your costs and help you deliver better margins through complete and immediate control. By providing a flexible, cost-efficient and trustworthy solution to your customer’s requirements, we can help to safeguard your business’s performance and reputation.

Our Teams Deliver

We are a team of dedicated experts in our field, and our customer service department is available 24-hours a day throughout the year.

Our specialist team members, coupled with cutting-edge support technologies, are our greatest asset and we continuously strive to create a healthy work environment for them to thrive (and love) what they do.

Prophet is a highly configurable software solution that helps with many aspects of operating in the Fresh Produce industry:

• Contract Price Management

• Sales

• Procurement (inc. Grower Settlement)

• Warehouse Management

• Production Control

• Transportation

• Claims

• Quality Control / Technical / Auditing

• Forecasting

• Advanced Production Scheduling

• Material Requirement Planning

• Financial Ledgers and Budgeting

• Customer and Product Profitability

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