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Take control of your water security

South Africa is a water scarce country, the 30th driest in the world. Half of our country’s river flow is provided by only 10% of its land. Most of the mountain catchment regions that feed our major rivers, are not protected. Yet they are critical for food production and the sustenance of life downstream.

We’re all too familiar with dams, reservoirs and rivers running dry. Groundwater levels fluctuate alarmingly, or even ‘disappear’. Constant water supply is no longer guaranteed, or has become unreliable. In many areas, rainfall has decreased. Less rain not only directly impacts dams and surface water, but also has a dire effect on the recharging of groundwater levels. Rising temperatures are causing increased evaporation. Drought and climate change hold serious implications for long-term water security and pose a huge threat to food security.

Clearly then, water is without a doubt the most precious commodity in South Africa.

The agricultural sector is particularly exposed to water risks. That’s why our resourceful farmers have a solid reputation for being so remarkably adaptable – constantly innovating to produce more with less… most especially when it comes to the availability of fresh water.

One obvious adaptive response to immediately providing their own water security, is to install bulk water storage tanks.

Rainbow Reservoirs, established in 2003, is a South African manufacturer of premium water storage tanks in use in 29 countries worldwide. Because we KNOW about the challenges of water storage in South Africa, we’ve also responded decisively to the increased requirement by farmers for agri-water. That’s why we’ve developed a range of water storage tanks that have been specifically adapted not only to the needs of our farmers, but also to withstand the harshest, most-demanding environments.

By coupling latest advancements with innovative design and corrosion-resistant Aluzinc steel, we’ve come up with a 21st century solution for affordable water storage tanks that you can rely on… The Oasis Water Tanks Range.

We’ve even stuck to the tried and tested corrugated-iron profile that for decades has defined iconic farm-tanks on our agricultural landscape. At Oasis Tanks we’ve taken this legendary, life-sustaining landmark to the next level in corrugated water storage tank technology.

Oasis tanks are manufactured from AZ150 ALUZINC STEEL, NOT hot-dip galvanized steel – there’s a difference! Aluzinc is the material of choice when extended life-span and durability are essential requirements. Aluzinc steel coatings out-perform galvanized coatings by 3-7 times.

Quick and easy to install (visit www.oasistanks.co.za), Oasis Tanks offers over 100 tank models in various height/diameter configurations (and colours!) to suite your needs.

Benefits of an Oasis tank

  • 500 litres to over 1 million litres
  • 700gsm reinforced PVC liner
  • Colour options
  • Low to no maintenance
  • 10-year warranty
  • 40-year life-span
  • Rapid installation
  • Easy transportation in pre-manufactured flatpack/kit form
  • Easy capacity enhancement when required
  • Easy to dismantle and relocate
  • NO CONCRETE BASE REQUIRED for low profile tanks up to 250,000l


  • External, galvanized steel ladder
  • Lockable manhole/inspection hatch
  • Aluzinc domed roof
  • Dust / vermin proofing

Accessory options:

  • Scour / flush drain
  • Water level gauge
  • Optional flange sizes: inlet, outlet, overflow
  • Turbine ventilator
  • And many more… according to your express requirements.

Oasis tanks offer a cost-effective, no-regrets water security solution. And they’re built tough to withstand Africa’s toughest conditions

Contact us: sales@oasistanks.co.zawww.oasistanks.co.za; 011 965 6016 ; 082 550 7559

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