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Engen does what it takes to get the job done

Ninety percent of my role requires me getting down and dirty…This is not a life for a suit and tie sort of man but for a businessman willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done.” So says the owner of a medium-sized manufacturing business and an Engen client when asked how he manages in such a tough environment.

Manufacturing, Farming, Logistics & Transport, and Mining are dubbed the “Down & Dirty Sectors”, where you pace yourself constantly against cycle time, lead time, downtime, overtime, and time to market. Where you sweat the resources, optimise efficiencies, minimise variability, and go and go and go. And heaven forbid if something stops.

MD of a medium-sized logistics business and an Engen client adds, “It’s constant. I mean, it’s always constant work, and you’re always thinking about work. What do we need to do to improve, to change or to evolve? That’s on my mind.”

These are industries that define hard work for hard workers. And these tough conditions require tough products and service delivery to measure up to partnership.

What they’re all looking for are high-performance products; high-performance fuels, highquality lubricants, and chemicals that make the grade in every way.

That’s why Engen is the partner of choice for the toughest industries. That, and our extensive strategic depot and services footprint across the continent, allows access and responsiveness when and where it matters most for your business. Add in additional services such as asset condition monitoring and asset performance management, and it’s clear that Engen delivers the whole package for business performance for those sectors where stillness is the enemy.

As an Agriculture business, you’re choosing a partner that understands that there are good times and tough times, and regardless, Engen’s commitment to your business needs means we have your back all the time. You’re choosing a path to unlocking your business growth, strengthening community bonds, and ensuring operational continuity through sustainability.

And mostly, you’re choosing a partner with over a century-long legacy that proves that – just like you – we’re in it for the long game. With Engen, what matters to you matters to us. We deliver security of supply, minimising downtime through our partnership approach and seamless operations. Through a lens of amortisation, our performance fuels and quality lubricants sustain the value of your expensive farming equipment, making sure they last longer while our agricultural chemicals and polymers play a vital role in nurturing crop farming yield.

Engen fuels, quality lubricants products and services attract customers from a wide base that includes many large-scale farms, as well as long-established relationships with co-ops and resellers for your convenience. Engen has been a corporate member of the Agriculture Business Chamber (Agbiz) since 2009. Our dedicated team of seasoned professionals support the Agricultural sector by helping to increase productivity and reduce operational costs.

Everything is in motion, because it must be, or everything stops. This is as true in mining, agriculture, and transport as it has ever been; as to be still is the enemy of progress. Engen understands this fundamental truth, and it is with this in mind that we create our products and go to work on our services every day.

The procurement head of a large manufacturing company and an Engen client puts it like this: “The guy from [Engen] is good. He is very, very good with relationship management. He is your one-stop-shop kind of guy. You just send them a message, give him a call, send him an email, and he just gets it done. He is an exceptional, exceptional individual. Over the years, he has been on the top end of customer focus and also knows our business. I don’t have any complaints.”

It’s for her, and for all our other clients, throughout South Africa, all of whom keep our country, and our economy going every day… that we at Engen are Always Moving. Because You’re Always Moving, at Engen, We’re Always Moving.

By Editor

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