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Fast, hassle-free parts purchases for Mercedes-Benz Trucks and FUSO thanks to the introduction of the DT Parts Portal

Technology has ushered us into an era of unprecedented connectivity and innovation, changing the way we communicate, as well as how we interact. Importantly it has also changed the way customers conduct business. To remain relevant, it is imperative for companies to leverage digital platforms to streamline operations and enhance efficiency. This is exactly what Daimler Truck Southern Africa did with the launch of the Daimler Truck Parts Portal.

Daimler Truck Southern Africa (DTSA) was the first market within the Daimler Truck global landscape to launch the Daimler Truck Parts Portal. The portal was developed as a joint venture between DTSA and Daimler Truck Australia Pacific, of which the latter was the second market to launch. The parts portal aims to streamline the purchasing process of over four hundred Mercedes-Benz Trucks and FUSO Truck parts. Customers can now place an order from anywhere and collect the parts 24 hours later at their selected dealership. It can now take a customer as little as 5 minutes in the dealership to get their parts. The Daimler Truck Parts portal works like most other online purchasing websites or applications and is extremely easy to use and navigate, therefore no special training is required. It allows customers to search for parts either by part number, description or VIN number and indicates whether a part is in or out of stock, allowing customers to plan their routine services optimally.

While the Daimler Truck Parts portal was initially launched to selected dealerships in South Africa, plans are well underway to expand the offering nationally and increase the number of parts offered on the platform. Other enhancements to the parts portal are also on the cards and will be communicated in due course.

This is what Ziyad Gaba, Vice President: Customer Services, Parts and Value Chain had to say about the Daimler Truck Parts Portal: “The importance of digitization cannot be overstated. We are thrilled to be one of the first truck manufacturers in South Africa to offer parts sales online to increase customer convenience, save time and drive efficiency. We are already working on the second phase of this offering and look forward to sharing more information soon.”

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