Landbou Radio – 31 May 2021

Seedless watermelons have been grown in the United States for more than 50 years. They are not genetically modified and despite being the ‘new’ kid on the block, their production has grown popularity worldwide. For nostalgic reasons you may miss those little black seeds, either way, watermelons are packed with goodness. In our program of 31 May, James du Preez, Crop Specialist at Rijk Zwaan tells us more about these watermelons and new melon cultivars. Dr. Gerhard Verdoorn, Operations and Stewardship Manager at Croplife SA, discusses herbicide resistance management. It is the capability of a plant or weed to survive and reproduces after being exposed to a herbicide, thus the weed will not die, the weed population will grow as a result reducing the yield of the crop. Dr. Tarryn Botha, Senior Researcher, ARC Water Program, has some information regarding Nanotechnology and tells us about the benefits of this technology that will increase agricultural production. Ryan Newborn of Murrysburg Garlic, tells us how this project was founded in the Central Karoo by his grandfather. The aim of the project is to secure the future of employees who had been employed on the family farm for a long time.“When we create jobs, we create a safer community” thus the words of Dr. Ivan Meyer, Minister of Agriculture in the Western Cape.

Tune in to your favourite community radio station or listen to the program on your cell phone or computer using the Landbou Radio SoundCloud link. Farm with joy.

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