A report by Tridge, a global sourcing hub concerned with cross-border trade, entailed the most significant events within the agri industry for 2020. It includes information on the impact of Covid-19 on various agri markets. Examples of industries it looks at include the meat industry in the United States (US), and the stone fruit industry in Spain.

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It also features notable events, such as the US-China trade war, the global outbreak of avian influenza, China’s rice imports from India for the first time in nearly 35 years, and how Egypt has become the largest orange exporter in the world. It also looks at notable weather occurrences such as the La Niña and natural disasters.

Tridge report summary

The purpose of the report is to assist role-players in the agri industry to prepare for the new year. The report by Tridge provides a brief, yet comprehensive overview of 2020, as well as an outlook for this year. Below is a short summary of the table of contents as well as a link to the report.

• Impact of Covid-19 on top shrimp exporters.
• Global oversupply of cashews.
• Brazil’s coffee exports reach record levels amid Covid-19 and lockdowns.
• Trade tensions rise between China and Australia.
• Trade war between US and European Union over olive oil exports.
• US and Iran trade tension over Iranian pistachios.
• Ban on Indian onion exports.
• South African citrus exports suspended over black spots.
• China’s bans on German pork imports due to African swine fever.
• Wildfires complicate apple harvest in US and Canada.
• Storm Eta’s impact on Ecuadorian banana production and prices.
• Rise in demand for Australian canola as EU production suffers.
• Global rise in commodity prices.
• Booming markets, including Chilean cherries and US avocados.

Download the 2020 End-of-Year Report: From Covid-19 to Trade Wars by Tridge.

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