Zero water waste Driving water efficiency in the agro-processing sector
The global water crisis has brought water-intensive industries under the spotlight, as every means of saving water is explored. At the forefront of the drive toward water
03 Nov 2017
Transforming agriculture Facilitating the entry of black participants
The agriculture sector has been identified as a key platform for both transformation and growth and job creation which could create one million jobs by 2030. “Let me
03 Nov 2017
Over-exposed Vineyard volatility amid a changing climate
Climate disruptions are increasing in volatility throughout the world, impacting many sectors and industries. Among one of the hardest hit is agribusiness—specifically
02 Nov 2017
A coordinated effort Driving the Water – Energy – Food nexus in the context of sustainable development
The Water—Energy—Food (WEF) nexus refers to the interconnections that exist between the water, energy and food sectors. Since 2011, the WEF nexus approach has been
02 Nov 2017
Infinite growth The right medium makes all the difference
Infigro Natural Technologies encompasses three strategic areas: “insulate, filter and grow”, which guide our value-add product development. Infigro Natural
02 Nov 2017
Filling a void in the wool market Introducing the JSE Merino
The JSE has made pioneering forays in the market through listing a range of commodity derivatives, the latest being a cash-settled merino wool futures contract. This is yet
31 Oct 2017
Potato production in South Africa The humble spud beats inflation
The number of hectares planted with potatoes declined from about 65 000 hectares in the early 1990’s to around 50 000 to 54 000 hectares from the mid-2000’s onwards.
31 Oct 2017
In the bag How to pack potatoes perfectly
Choosing a packhouse system for potatoes can be a daunting task. Automatic or semi automatic weighers? Automatic or manual bagging? Silo size? Do I need an optical grader and
31 Oct 2017
Enabling a cost-effective conscience Relentlessly enabling a better world through responsible biotechnology
Ask anyone in the agricultural sector how seriously they take their responsibility to create a sustainable and environmentally friendly environment and you’ll get a fair bit
31 Oct 2017 - S. r.


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