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Avoid yield loss now Prevention is the only option when dealing with early blight
Early blight is caused by Alternaria solani and it is certain that it will infect your potatoes if preventative control measures are not taken. Early blight typically affects
02 Aug 2019
The answer to smart decision-making Introducing a data-driven approach to crop research, education and training
Crop protection is a vital part of growing quality and ensuring good yields in any crop. It is necessary to provide farmers with products, experience and insights into solving the
20 Sep 2018
Advancing agronomic expertise International partnership to help local growers
Agriculture remains a critically important industry in South Africa, and indeed many other African nations, not only as a provider of job opportunities but also from a food
19 Jul 2018
Aphids can suck it thanks to Dow AgroSciences’ Closer™
Sap-feeding insects, no matter how tiny, can cause a huge amount of damage to potato crops when feasting on the juicy green potato leaves. "The damage may not be visible
03 Nov 2017


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