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Making last wishes come true


For an 11-year old learner at Kathleen Murray Primary in Grabouw the future isn’t a bright one. Luxolo Xobozi has been diagnosed with an untreatable cancer and doctors and care-workers at Tygerberg Hospital have done all they can to make him as comfortable as possible.

Sister Cheryl Bozman who works at Two-a-Day's Clinic in Grabouw and runs their wellness programme heard about Luxolo’s difficulties from his grandmother, Emily Mdaka who has been working at Two-a-Day for over a decade. Sr Bozman went to visit Luxolo to see if there was anything she might do to help.

“He told me that he was being well looked after in hospital and was feeling strong. I asked if  there was anything he still wanted to achieve and he told me about his dream of flying in a helicopter.” Sr Bozman says. 

What happened next proves the value of telling people what you are working on and what you hope to achieve. “I was at the 70th birthday of Aletia Waring, one of Two-a-Day’s retirees, and got chatting to her daughter, Christine Klopper and Christine’s husband Len. Turns out that Len and Christine own the Gyrocopter Flying School, at Morning Star Airfield on the N7 and they said they’d be more than happy to take Luxolo on a flight as their guest to make his dream come.”

Sr Bozman explains that she arranged with the family and told Luxolo’s grandmother that she and her husband, Nick, would collect him in Grabouw and take him to the Morning Star Airfield on the way to Malmesbury.

“Luxolo was so excited and kept chatting about what it would be like while we were in the car on our way. I must say that Len couldn’t have been nicer or more generous in the care he took to welcome Luxolo and he made sure he was safely in the Gyrocopter before take off. Len Klopper donated a flight that might have cost R2500 to help make Luxolo’s dream come true and we really appreciate it.” she says.

Thandiwe Xobozi is Luxolo’s mother and a previous employee of Two-A-Day who had to leave work to care for Luxolo and she was there to watch her son take to the skies.

Pilot Len Klopper said: “I was deeply touched by his serene demeanour, although he was clearly quite nervous at first. I made it clear to him that if he was uncomfortable or unhappy at any stage he should just tell me and we would return immediately. During the flight I kept asking him if he was ok which was promptly answered with a big smile and a thumbs-up signal. On one of the steeper turns over the ocean he shot me a worried look but after a little reassurance the smile reappeared and stayed there until we landed. I feel privileged to have met him and to able to make one of this brave little fellow’s dreams come true.” Klopper ends.

Tru-Cape Fruit Marketing is responsible for selling the apples and pears from Two-a-Day. “We are always on the look-out for stories that show the positive side of agriculture but this story really demonstrates how much the people in our industry care for each other and the big impact that a connected community can have.” Tru-Cape managing director Roelf Pienaar says.

Two-a-Day Group managing director Attie van Zyl commented how proud he felt at the close-knit family dynamic that existed within the Two-a-Day Group. “Sister Bozman’s nurturing nature to the whole Two-a-Day family is deeply felt and very appreciated.” he ends. 

Making last dreams come true

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