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The ROFF R70

New mill launched at Sardinia Mills enables better cost-effectiiveness

The new ROFF R70 has proven to optimise efficiency and increased profit margins
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The first R70 mill has been installed in South Africa. ROFF has already installed two of these mills in Zimbabwe to ensure more affordable food staples for the public by reducing supply chain and distribution costs.

Perfect setting for the R70

As a successful business built through hard work, innovative thinking and the agility to adapt to changes in the marketplace, Mr Blignaut’s farm provided the ideal backdrop for the South African launch of the versatile R70.

The farm’s mill, Sardinia Milling , was established 13 years ago to add value to the primary crop, maize. A combined farming model ensures optimised efficiency and an increased profit margin. 

Maize is produced, stored in silos on site, high quality endosperm is extracted and marketed as topnotch meal, and maize bran – a by-product of the milling process – is used as base for the animal feed provided to cattle feeding schemes.

As such, maize only leaves the farm in the form of meal and livestock. This model shortens the supply chain to ensure maximum profitability. The end-user also benefits, as a large percentage of the product is distributed within in a small radius, which keeps distribution costs to a minimum.

Grown across a huge part of Africa, there is amove towards processing and distributing maize in the area in which it has been produced. Entrepreneurs can still supply to other areas if it provesprofitable, but by supplying more maize in the vicinity of the farm, transport costs are greatly reduced. 

The ROFF R70 mill can play a significant role in the reduction of supply chain and distribution costs, as it provides a compact, all-in-one solution to farmerslike Mr Blignaut. 

R70’s innovative design optimises productivity

The ROFF R70 comes standard with a surge bin for maize inlet, cleaning and conditioning equipment (with a conditioning bin), degermination, milling, sifting, conveyors, electrical panel, electrical cabling and all steel structures. Clients only need to provide the building, water point and electrical supply to the panel.

• Compact to save floor space and reduce installation costs, the ROFF R70 has the capacity to produce 100 tons of maize per day. This equates to 30 000 tons per year, which is anpotential annual turnover of R100 million;

• The R70 is one of the best value for money maize mills on the market, with the cost of the installed mill in South Africa between R2.5 million and R3.5million for a 4 ton per hour plant, with smaller capacity options also available;

•To reduce installation time on site, the mills are pre-assembled in the ROFF factory;

• Sheet metal parts are laser-cutto ensure excellent quality;

• All operational equipment isinstalled acrosstwo levels, so that processes are visible from multiple angles. This enables the miller contact with the process and easy control of the plant;

•All components are easily reachable. The top floor is not an operational floor, butmainly used for maintenance purposes;

• The R70 is a proudly South African mill. With the exception of a few small parts, it is manufactured in ROFF’s Kroonstad factory; and

• For the client’s peace of mind, the R70 is covered by an optionalmaintenance contract.Adding value to a wide client base Small enterprises can also benefit from the ROFF R70 mill, as it can be installed at two ton per hour  on a similar platform as the R70 on the Blignautfarm. It is easily upgradable to a fourton per hour  configuration without missing more than 48 hours of production time during the upgrade. 

The R70 is suitable for: 

• Entrepreneurs who are starting a milling business and have the vision to grow it to a commercial level; 

• Agricultural companies or farmer co-ops who would like to provide a marketing service for their members; and 

• Individuals or groups of farmers looking to add value to their product.

ROFF is dedicated to its clients

Established in 1991, ROFF has been dedicated to affordability, compact mills, value for money and quality from the outset. These values have not changed, ROFF has only increased the size of itsmills and operations. 

ROFF partners with clients to help them grow and achieve success in their business. In Mr Blignaut’s case, ROFF was involved from the planning phase of the warehouse, housing the R70 mill, to the customisation and installation of the mill, and is currently redesigning his bags and logos.

With three technical teams comprising four technicians each at clients’ disposal, ROFF also offers service and maintenance on the client’s premises.

ROFF is committed to ensuring shorter supply chains and limiting distribution costs in order to provide more affordable food for the people of Africa and profitability for producers. The ROFF R70 is definitely a step in the right direction.

Contact ROFF today to find out how the new ROFF R70 mill can boost your profit margin. Visit:, call (056) 212 2696/7 or email for more information.

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