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The new Valley® X-Tec™ Centre Drive delivers consistently


How can we improve yields with the limited resources we have?” That’s the age-old question in agriculture. Farmers have already learned that water is their main limiting factor when it comes to yields, but centre pivot irrigation can efficiently take care of that.

Still, there are situations where growers work in less-than-perfect conditions. For example, the land isn’t always flat. Maybe the temperature is above ideal for crops to grow and flourish. It’s hard to spread chemicals equally across the field so young plants aren’t damaged.

What can you do to overcome these obstacles?

Some solutions: tested and tried

On one hand, you can test everything. Modern farmers pay for research that helps determine soil types throughout fields, examines centre pivot water usage and uniformity through remote monitoring and telemetry reports, performs strip testing and tissue sampling of crops in different fields, uses thermal sensors to measure the temperature difference in the crop canopy, and more.

On the other hand, you can try various solutions through constant supervision and by physically moving irrigation machines. Farmers who rotate crops spend large amounts of money each year to move pipe from one field to another, as well as on maintenance and operational resources.

The new solution: true

There’s a better solution to fit all the requirements of modern agriculture:

  • A constant speed, even on hills, rocks and slopes.
  • Equally distributed amount of fertilisers.
  • No problems with the characteristics of the landscape or the amount of water needed.
  • These are, in short, the advantages of the new Valley® centre drive system, Valley X-Tec™.

Valmont® Irrigation, parent company of the Valley brand, continues to guide growers with new technologies and innovative techniques to gain greater yields and produce healthier crops. The new Valley X-Tec™ advanced DC centre drive motor does just that. The power allows centre pivots to move at a smooth, consistent pace at any speed, even over varied terrain, while new Valley FastPass™ technology allows the machines to operate up to twice the speed of a standard, high-speed AC centre drive motor.

Why Valley X-Tec?

Smooth and consistent pace: The patented alignment technology and robust DC motor keep the centre pivot moving at a smooth and consistent pace, even over varied terrain. It can move easily over rocks, hills and slopes, thus moving centre pivots with ease.

High-speed pivot: Valley X-Tec operates at up to twice the speed of a standard, high-speed AC centre drive motor. At top speed, chemigation through the centre pivot improves because chemicals are not as diluted. To reduce damage to young plants from blowing soil, apply a light application of water to hold the soil down. With the increased speed, you can move your centre pivot out of the way much quicker for harvesting or other farming operations.

Maximise crop yields: The advanced DC motor design provides the centre pivot with constant torque throughout a wide speed range, providing growers with unmatched control and additional options to maximise crop yields.

Plant cooling: In order to get high-quality yields, farmers need a lot of water, and Valley X-Tec helps them to keep up with that high demand. On dangerously hot days during the growing season, applying a cooling pass of water can improve plant health. With the Valley X-Tec, you can water partial-circle centre pivots in one direction and then quickly move back to the dry part of the field to begin irrigating again. To match water intake rates of the soil and evapotranspiration, Valley X-Tec pivots have sprinkler charts designed and implemented specifically for high speeds.

Less downtime, lasting durability: The robust design behind the Valley X-Tec centre drive provides lasting durability and less downtime. Because it’s a Valley, you know this centre drive is second-to-none.

Powerful features

  • Full torque at all speeds
  • Patented, consistent precision alignment
  • Low inertia rotor
  • Electric braking technology
  • Robust design provides lasting durability
  • Soft starts allow for smooth acceleration of the motor

FastPass application features

  • Frequent, light application maintains surface moisture during germination.
  • Applying a light mist creates a cooling canopy for high-value crops during the heat of the day.
  • Proper moisture prevents blowing sand from damaging early stage crop growth and minimizes erosion.
  • Provides the opportunity for foliar application of crop protection products, reducing ground and aerial trips, and potential cross-contamination.
  • Increased speeds in low spots prevents over-watering in areas that need little to no water.
  • Allows for more effective split crop management.
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