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The Solution to Day Zero is at hand.

Zero7Health represents an international company, Strazan, that specialises in specialised machinery and vehicles. One of their passions is water purification. Most of their products are sold and used in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, to name a few. Disaster stricken areas are included. Zero7 has exclusivity for Strazan reseller/distributorship in SA and Africa.

All of the products are membrane-orientated and mainly self-maintained and easy to operate. Strazan/Zero7Health will supply training and aftersales support with a service centre opening soon in SA.

Our aim and passion is to supply the country with these units to give the people of South Africa safe potable water in areas where there has been no accessibility to clean water previously such as parts of Gauteng, Limpopo, Mpumalanga where we have constant cholera outbreaks and an overwhelming amount of contaminated water sources. It is only now that the drought has gotten this bad in Cape Town that companies started phoning us to ask for assistance with desalination.

There are three different standard units and Strazan can custom build units as per client’s specific needs. Our desalination container is also mobile. Should the need for the unit to be elsewhere, the unit can be moved there. No need for a huge property or timely construction.

It is as quick as offloading the container from the truck, placing it next to the water source, starting up the machinery and within one hour you will have potable (drinking) water! We do not believe there is another company in SA that can deliver such a service. Not without adding chemicals and polluting the ocean.

Our desalination plants purify sea water from the smallest unit purifying 48 000lt per day to a few million litres per day – the size of the plant depends on the requirement from the client and the price of the plant is also subject to the volume of water that needs to be purified daily.

The Water Miracle Unit is designed to purify biologically dirty water (dams, rivers, boreholes, etc.) into potable water. The standard unit purifies approx. 70 000lt (2.1 million litres per month) water per day. The units also come with a generator that will ensure that there is no down time in case of power outages (diesel or fuel generator). The lifetime of the membranes is 2 – 5 years subject to the quality of the water that needs to be purified. As per our presentation, the unit can be a single unit or more units can be installed in a container if the client requires a higher volume of water to be purified daily.

Businesses are suffering from a loss of income due to the water restrictions and some have already started looking at possible solutions for themselves and even had a few of these purification companies to their sites. But not all of them have the infrastructure or space for desalination units. Especially the outlet pipelines that must pump the salt/brine waste back into the ocean. This is custom to all the other desalination products in the market. This is where we come in!

We only have ONE container, that can be hidden from the view of your clients (or you can have it branded should you want to advertise that your company is green and has taken steps to procure alternative water) and the outlet pipe is connected/submerged into a collection tank where the brine will be collected. No waste or harmful chemicals. Salt refineries in the Western Cape will gladly take the brine. There are also other possibilities to dispose of the brine such as high-pressure evaporator, water cannon, etc. Another option is job creation by implementing a salt pan plant with the brine. More information is available on request.

The amount of brine/waste is 20% of the total water purified daily. As far as we, the people we have dealt with in the water industry and the City of Cape Town Council know, this is the least waste of any purification solution. The containers have a computer installed that will monitor the quality of the purified water. We guarantee that the water purified will be potable. Strazan has EU, UN and NATO accreditations for the purification systems, highest in the world. Zero7 is accredited with the Department of Water and Sanitation and National Treasury.

The desalination container is an immediate solution for a drought-stricken area or where the water source is polluted such as rivers, dams or even mine water. Our units can be placed next to any water source and supply immediate potable water to hospitals, clinics, schools, hotels, shopping malls, sport fields, farms, factories, music concerts, military. The uses of this technology are endless.

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