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South African farmers should feed Saudi demand for Lucerne

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South African farmers should take advantage of the demand for Lucerne by Saudi Arabia. The country’s decision to phase out forage production has opened up a big opportunity to export South African grown Lucerne bale.

AGT’s SuperSonic Lucerne was developed by Seed Genetics International from germplasm of Australian, US and Argentinian origin. Explains AGT Agronomist Dirk Coetzee, “The benefits of SuperSonic are numerous and include increased winter growth, finer stems and excellent pest and disease resistance.

“The finer stems and increased leaf to stem ratio give higher protein, increased fodder quality and digestibility, perfectly suited for export as fodder to Saudi Arabia, “he says.

SuperSonic plants are highly winter active (dormancy rating 9) with good all year round growth particularly in the colder months in suitable zones with vigorous recovery from cutting.

In comprehensive cutting trials undertaken in Australia, Argentina and around the world over a four-year period, SuperSonic was rated among the best performers when compared to other commercial varieties and out yielded the international standard. 

Planting time ends soon so farmers should contact Dirk Coetzee for more information or supplies of SuperSonic. Cell: +27 76 791 4245 Office: +27 87 701 3037

About AGT Foods

AGT is a value-added pulse, staple food and ingredient processor for export and domestic markets. Through its offices and processing facilities located in some of the best agricultural growing regions in Canada, the U.S., Turkey, China, Australia and South Africa and merchandising and sales offices in the U.K., the Netherlands and Spain, AGT produces a full range of pulses and specialty crops including lentils, peas, chickpeas, beans and canary seed as well as food ingredients such as pulse flours, proteins, starches and fibres. Its subsidiary in Turkey, the Arbel Group, produces staple foods such as Arbella Pasta, rice and milled wheat products, including bulgur and semolina. AGT Foods is listed and trades in the Toronto Stock Exchange. In South Africa AGT Foods represents the Retail, Hospitality, Spices, Ingredients, Popcorn, Bakery and Protein Divisions as well as Pouyoukas Foods, which falls under the Retail Division and is sold through all major supermarkets in South Africa. 

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