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Surveillance technology saves farmer’s life


RikRhino’s ground-breaking security technology is proving to be a beacon of hope for many South Africans during these dark times of uncontrollable crime. With the current climate regarding farm attacks, prevention and assurance is now more important than ever before.

There is a surveillance technology company that is attempting to bring this message across to the country and, with a recent incident involving their product and how its instant alert technology prevented the unthinkable, RikRhino has dedicated itself to assisting farmers with their needs as much as possible.

This type of technology attempts to ensure that farmers in South Africa who may be targeted do not become another statistic.

In the early hours of 26 October, 2017, a farmer in Mokopane, Limpopo, was suddenly woken up when a photo sent from Qubi Systems Modimolle using RikRhino technology, was received on his smartphone.

The photo showed two thieves on his property, spurring him into action to confront them. The first photo (00:39) shows the perpetrators entering his grounds, while the second (02:45) shows the farmer and his staff searching for the alleged criminals. Thanks to the effectiveness of RikRhino security systems and Qubi Systems Modimolle, the farmer was able to prevent what could have been a life-threatening situation.

RikRhino has a number of other products that are specifically designed to be the most effective crime security systems available while still being simple enough to set up and use by anyone.

This “effectiveness through simplicity” strategy is the reason RikRhino is the trusted name to secure any home, office, farm, warehouse or game reserve that needs maximum security with minimum risk.

From state of the art cameras to advanced tracking systems, RikRhino is the best brand to trust when protecting your family, possessions and our nation’s precious wildlife.

We pride ourselves on producing products that can perform to maximum capacity without being hampered by the rugged terrains and harsh weather conditions of Africa.

It is through the innovative efforts of RikRhino that the ultimate in private and commercial security can be achieved, and where users can sleep soundly knowing their property is monitored and protected at all times.

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