by Dave Mcdermott

Payroll savvy

Increased efficiency

SMEs benefit from payroll security functionality through Sage pastel payroll and human resources software.
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Sage pastel payroll and human resources software solutions deliver increased business efficiency and cost savings for small to medium enterprises (SMEs) following their integration with secure, online transaction processing services provider Sage Netcash.

The result is that the South African SME market benefits from payroll security functionality that increases day-to-day business efficiency and cuts costs.

Existing Sage pastel payroll and human resources desktop users now have a hybrid solution that allows desktop applications to securely absorb online services.

The integration of these security services provides Sage pastel payroll and human resources customers with a single secure payroll system, directly from the payroll software.

There are six security services, including identity number validation and verification services, bank account validation and verification services, credit checks and secure salary electronic fund transfer payments.

Bank account validation and verification ensures that a valid bank account has been entered into the payroll system and that it is in the name of the employee specified on the payroll (matching the employee’s ID Number).

This eliminates one of the most critical areas of payment fraud which occurs when an employee’s salary is paid into the fake or erroneous bank account of another individual. Paying ghost (fake) employees is eliminated.

Sage pastel payroll and human resources validates employee banking details with major banks: including ABSA, African Bank, Capitec, First National Bank, Mercantile, Nedbank and Standard Bank.


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