Nu Water Changes Bleak Water Outlook

Nu-Water changes the bleak water outlook in Africa


There is something that resonates within us whenever we hear a good story. Great stories can inspire people and they often serve as a catalyst for change. And this is exactly what NuWater is doing within the water sector.

The SA water sector is in desperate need of a good story. The current picture is bleak as the water sector faces immense challenges, both on the supply and demand side. The long-term supply challenges are enormous and with no improvement in the efficiency of agricultural, industrial and residential water use, water demand is projected to overshoot supply by 40% in the next 20 years.

Stories of poor service delivery and mismanagement at municipal level flood news platforms week after week, while we are increasingly made aware of the drought’s devastating effects that are crippling our food resources and eating away at our economy.

If the water sector is to stand a chance against the growing challenges it faces, it needs to adopt both innovative technical and commercial solutions. It will be riskier to continue the 'business as usual' path than to innovate and implement new technology and forward-thinking business models.

NuWater understands that to truly change the current story of water on our continent, they had to disrupt the business as usual path and think outside of the box to meet the changing needs of their customers.

NuWater knows that innovation is not just about technology but probably even more importantly it is about the business model and truly understanding their clients’ financial needs. Therefore, they have disrupted the accepted model of other players in the industry with both their advanced technology and innovative commercial models.

NuWater is at the forefront of innovation in the water sector. It is a technology-led company that designs, builds, finances and operates advanced plants for the treatment of water and wastewater, and the provision of high-quality drinking and industrial process water from sea, river, ground and wastewater sources.

NuWater developed an advanced and robust modular water treatment technology, which allows for the rapid deployment and, where relevant, re-deployment of water treatment plants that can be scaled to address a wide range of challenging applications.

The modular and mobile nature of the plants allows NuWater to offer customers a very different commercial model. NuWater can lease treatment plants on short-term contracts and provide the required operational and maintenance services. This full-service model has proven to be very attractive to their customers as they can shape the offering to their customers’ circumstances.

In the municipal sector, the innovative commercial model allows municipalities to finance the plant through operational budgets. The plant generates additional income to the municipality through having more product to sell to consumers. This, in turn, provides the income stream that can be used to pay for the facility. Also, the "Modular & Mobile" nature of the solution has meant that municipal water treatment works can be run at design capacity, while the NuWater plants deliver the balance of the total volumes required by the municipality, thereby ensuring volumes and quality standards are met.

NuWater can thus tailor commercial offers to suit the cash-flow restrictions experienced by various clients, especially municipalities, and operate on the Build-Own-Operate, Build-Own-Operate-Transfer or Rental business model.

The biggest user of water globally is the agricultural industry. As farming becomes more professionalized and scientific, NuWater has increasingly noted that farmers want to improve the quality of water used on crops and for livestock to their outputs. Gone are the days when a farmer simply sinks a borehole and accepts whatever quality of water comes out. As the agriculture trends toward consolidation and corporatization continue, NuWater foresee a higher demand for reliable treatment solutions coming from the sector, which can truly meet the needs of this industry. Therefore, NuWater engages with their clients in the agricultural sector to ensure they get the water specifications they need for optimal success.

Just as important as their clients, NuWater invest in their people and empowers them to take part in the innovation process to ensure that their solutions and services keep improving. “We believe we are playing an important role, not just in helping address South Africa’s water challenges but also as an exporter of products, services and expertise in this massive global sector.”

Through NuWater’s narrative, there is no other company in SA that can match their track record of successful innovation in the water sector. With its innovative, rapidly deployable and re-deployable modular and mobile technology, coupled with a 'can-do' attitude, NuWater is making a real and immediate contribution towards turning water challenges into success stories in SA and other parts of the world.

With a passion for what they do and the benefits of each successful project they deliver, NuWater together with its customers, is improving people’s lives and the environment around us.

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