New Holland CR combines show off their high performance in the fields of South Africa

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New Holland’s new high capacity CR combine harvesters take productivity to an entirely new level,with 10 to 15% capacity increase,and set new standards of grain and straw quality. These are truly outstanding machines and the culmination of 40 years of harvesting excellence delivered by New Holland’s combines with Twin Rotor™ technology.

To support the launch of the exceptional CR8070 and CR9080 combine harvesters, which made their debut in the South African market at the Nampo show earlier this year, New Holland unrolled a training and customer demonstration programme. The aim was to ensure a good understanding of the full potential of the advanced features of this new range, both within its dealer network and among South Africa’s professional farmers.

High capacity in all conditions

Among these features is the all-new Dynamic Feed Roll™ technology with integrated stone protection. It feeds the rotors faster and more smoothly while removing stones without stopping, raising the CR combines’ impressive capacity even further. The new serrated blades on the feed roll are gentle on the crop, resulting in high-quality straw. An added advantage of this feature is that it doesn’t require additional power, so that customers benefit from higher capacity together with improved ability to handle more humid crop conditions.

Combined with the Twin Pitch Rotors it enables the combines to work seamlessly in variable crop conditions, raising productivity by up to 10% in damp conditions.

Best-in-class grain quality

New Holland’s unique Twin Rotor™ concept ensures in-line crop flow for the gentlest grain handling. The award winning Opti-Clean™ and Opti-Fan™ features add to the CR’s exceptional grain quality, resulting in a tiny 0.1% of broken grain.

Ultimate flexibility

The Twin Rotors are fully customizable to ensure the perfect threshing and separation conditions whatever the crop. What’s more, switching between small grain and corn configurations to rice is easy, offering the ultimate flexibility.

Quality residue management

The advanced Opti-Spread™ residue management system delivers an impressive chop quality and chaff spreading performance. The Dual Chop rake improves the quality of the residue by chopping it even more finely than before. This is perfect for minimum or no tillage operations that employ direct cultivation techniques.

Smooth ride, high traction, low soil compaction

New Holland’s SmartTrax™ rubber tracks with Terraglide™ suspension ensure excellent traction and low soil compaction while providing a remarkably smooth ride. The centred pivot point of the SmartTrax maintains traction in boggy ground, and can even help lift the CR out of deep ruts.

Ultimate comfort

The Harvest Suite cab sets the benchmark in terms of operator comfort. The ample cab features the The IntelliView™ IV colour touchscreen monitor for intuitive fingertip control of all harvesting parameters. The Auto Crop Settings further enhance harvesting efficiency while outstanding visibility and the whisper quiet cab further combine to enhance the operator experience.

The CR impresses dealers and customers alike

New Holland product specialists from the brand’s Europe, Africa, Middle East team have run a series of two-day dealer technical training sessions in Delmas and Bothaville to provide dealers with the in-depth knowledge of this high performance combine. The dealer salesmen were able to go into the details of all the winning features of the new CR8070 and CR9080 combines, and test them in the field. Mr Anton van der MerwSalesman at NWK in South Africa, was impressed with the CR and the training session: “At every Combine course I learn something new. The CR combines have many positive features. I found very interesting the comparison with equivalent models in the same class, highlighting the features and technical characteristics that give CR combines a competitive edge.”

In addition, key customers had the opportunity to see the CR combines in action during a demonstration day in the Delmas area.

As it celebrates the 40th anniversary of New Holland’s rotary technology, the CR range is the professionals’ default choice, and with the latest improvements introduced in the current range, it is set to remain so for many years to come.

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