Arysta LifeScience Launches New South Africa Website

Arysta LifeScience South Africa (Pty) Ltd announces the launch of their new website design targeted to growers, distributors, retailers and industry affiliates.

The site has been re-designed, and the structure of information has been changed to improve usability and appeal. Users will now find it easier to navigate through our large repository of information on the best solutions for their crop protection challenges.

“The new website was designed to provide visitors with a different experience than before,” said Anne Malet, Communication Manager Africa & Western Europe. “It is more attractive, interactive, easy to navigate, and enables visitors to quickly find the contents.”

In addition to the new design and layout of the pages, new functions have been implemented in this version. The most important one is the product search engine, since the website database includes more than 200 products.
Also, access to the product portfolio has been segmented, so it is now possible to enter via country, crop, product name, category, or your particular area of interest. The presentation of the products has been improved, too, with more information and an optimized navigation structure.

The site also provides technical information through the Spray Programme tool, which allows users to customize a crop protection and yield enhancement program to meet their needs and requirements.

This new-generation website will help Arysta LifeScience increase its visibility online on any device. Indeed, this version of the website was built with responsive design methodology.

“Like most digital sectors, we are using responsive design to keep up so that we can offer the best viewing experience possible to our visitors no matter what combination of device, browser, and/or connection,” added Anne.
In the near future, Arysta LifeScience also plans to incorporate a customer interface within the site and also to build a mobile application and e-learning modules for customers.


Bertha Spangenberg–Marketing and Communications Officer

031 514 5600


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