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A commitment to creating sustainable solutions for the agricultural sector has pushed Dow AgroSciences to develop class-leading products


Sap-feeding pests can be among the most destructive insects, laying waste to crops and causing huge economical losses for the agricultural industry. Protecting our valuable produce requires extensive control strategies, pushing producers to demand the best possible solutions.

Closer™ 240SC, a two-time award-winning product, is the progressive farmer’s choice, offering complete control of sap-feeding pests with swift knockdown action combined with long-lasting protection. Two very important effects are the reduction of feeding damage and limiting the spread of viruses . Furthermore, within just four hours of spraying Closer™, it is regarded safe to non-target organisms and leaves no residues in the soil.

The key ingredient

Isoclast™, discovered by and proprietary to Dow AgroSciences, is the active ingredient in Closer™, providing excellent efficacy against insect pests, even at low-use rates. Isoclast shows excellent systemic and translaminar activity. In the field, Isoclast controls insect populations known to be resistant to older types of insecticides such as neonicotinoids, carbamates, organophosphates and pyrethroids. Controlling difficult-to-control sap-feeding insects in all major crop groups, it has been approved in the EU and is currently registered in more than 40 countries, with another 40 countries in progress.

Intelligent targeting

Closer™ destroys pests in two ways, on contact and through ingestion. It controls insects in its direct line of spray, as well as those that hide within the plant canopy and underneath the leaves.

Beneficial insects are crucial to farmers and using Closer™ guarantees a targeted control.

When used according to the directional labels, it has shown minimal exposure to non-target organisms as well as no significant impact on population levels of any of the natural predatory pests and beneficial mite species.

Crop care

Vigorous testing has determined its success on a range of crops that are prone to suffer under invasion of mealybugs, whiteflies, aphids and other sap-feeding insects. Used on potatoes, fruit trees, vegetables, grapevines and citrus fruits, it shows huge agricultural potential, staving off insecticide-resistant strains of insects and offering control within 2-3 hours of application. Because South Africa is one of the world’s largest exporters of fresh citrus—and in the top 20 for citrus production—demand for agro-chemical products acceptable to the export market is high. Closer™ fits neatly into this space as all major crops have import tolerances set in all of our biggest markets.

As a much-needed rotational product, Closer™ helps growers fend off the resistance of pests for longer periods and, when used according to label recommendations, will reduce the environmental load of insecticide-active ingredients applied to crops.

Closer™ is a key economical tool in maintaining a sustainable supply of produce each harvest—we may not be able to control nature, but we can manage insect pests.

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