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Funding Opportunities for Research and Dissemination


The International Nut and Dried Fruit Council (INC) has launched its 2018 Annual Call for Research Projects (300,000 Eur) and Annual Call for Promotion and Dissemination Projects to help better understand the health benefits of nuts and dried fruits and spread the message around the globe. Both Calls are open for public and private institutions, as well as not-for-profit organizations. More information may be found at   

In addition, INC offers the “Nuts for Gifts” Global Dissemination Program, which can be shared and disseminated through its ToolBox Kit. INC members and industry organizations can download it at the Members Area of the website

For more information about this program, please contact  

2017 Grant Awardees

This year the INC selected four projects to receive 355,000 Euros, reinforcing its commitment to research that helps improve our understanding of the benefits of eating nuts and dried fruits.

INC awarded grants to two research projects on the relationship of nuts and dried fruit consumption to exercise performance, and the effect of nut intake on cognitive function and intestinal microbiota.

Research Grant Recipients:

Project: An almond, dried grape and dried cranberry (AGC) mix for improving endurance exercise performance in athletes (clinical study). Principal Investigator: Prof. Jonathan Buckley, University of South Australia, Australia.

Project: Effects of daily tree nut consumption on cognitive function, metabolomics and intestinal microbiota (clinical study). Principal Investigator: 
Dr. Crystal Haskell-Ramsay, Northumbria University, UK.

INC also awarded grants to two promotion and dissemination projects, the goal of which is to build consumer demand for nuts and dried fruits, and provide information about their properties and qualities.

Dissemination Grant Recipients:

Nucis Italia, Project: “Nuts and active lifestyle: a healthy habit!”.

Nucis Germany, Project: “Press publications in professional nutrition magazines”.

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