by Sarah King

Diesel taxation for farmers

The damage this will do to farmers is incomprehensible

Chairperson of Grain SA, Louw Steytler urges serious discussion between farmers and government about the diesel taxation problem

Diesel taxation

One of the biggest challenges farmers have at this point, is the diesel taxation that the government has placed on them.

“The reality is on the basis of good governance, the government is trying to glean as much tax as they can from civil society. Given the fact that we have the financial environment that we have, we have a deficit. South Africa needs money to fund critically important social programmes and we see that SARS itself is trying to address the corrupt element in the agricultural and mining sectors when it comes to the diesel rebate.”

Unfortunately, what results from this, is that innocent and honest people are now being affected negatively by the actions of SARS.

According to Steytler, ”SARS was party to the creation of a system that was accepted nationally as the premise, and as the way of doing things which led to the Diesel rebate.”

The matter has become unmanageable and if it continues will be destructive to the relationships Grain SA is trying to establish with the government

“The whole thing has now turned around and the law is being applied. In reality they are now charging the farming community and holding them responsible for a methodology that was instilled partly by them and that in itself is destructive.

“We need to discuss this in a very reasonable open minded manner if we are not going to affect the civil liberties of the individual firstly and secondly, impinge on our ability to feed ourselves as a nation.

“We need a moratorium between all parties concerned so we can minimise the negative affect on our ability to produce food in South Africa,” he concluded.



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