Case IH leads the way to efficient sugar cane harvesting at the Sugar Cane Harvester Camp in Mauritius

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Sugar Cane Harvester Camp for key customers in the sugar cane and bio-ethanol sectors / Appreciated combination of theoretical and test-drive sessions / Focus on large-scale sugar cane projects.

Case IH presented its powerful agricultural equipment solutions for the sugar cane industry at the Africa Sugar Cane Harvester Camp that took place from October 26th to 31st in Mauritius. The event was successfully attended by the most relevant representatives of corporate customers and large agro-industrial farms operating in the sugar cane and bio-ethanol sectors in several African countries, including Sudan, Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Nigeria and Sierra Leone.

The Sugar Cane Harvester Camp provided participants with insights on advanced farming practices for large-scale sugar cane production and presentations of the Case IH offering which includes the Austoft® 8000 Series of industry-leading sugar cane harvesters. Attendees had also the chance to test-drive Case IH sugar cane harvesters and high-horsepower tractors during real, in-field working operations.

Mathew Foster, Vice President at Case IH and responsible for Europe, Middle East and Africa, understands this is a strategic event for the company: “The sugar cane sector has become increasingly competitive and diversified and at Case IH we want to make sure that farmers are well equipped to tap any new growth opportunity.”

“With this event, we wanted our customers to understand the full advantages of having Case IH machines running in their fields,” continues Foster. “In fact, our brand can leverage on a heritage that no other company has. Case IH is the originator of sugar cane harvesting technology and, with its long-established reputation for high-output equipment, confirms itself as the ideal partner for large-scale sugarcane farmers.”

Forefront solutions for large-scale sugar cane and bio-ethanol projects

The Sugar Cane Harvester Camp is testament of the company’s continued commitment to the sugar cane industry.

“The sugar cane industry is an important customer segment for Case IH globally, and in Africa and the Middle East in particular. We are excited to continue our work expanding our presence in this potentially very productive area of the world,” said Marty Chamberland, responsible for Global Strategic Initiatives for Case IH, who presented the company and its history.

Case IH offers the most advanced and reliable sugar cane harvesters in the market. The Austoft® 8000 Series are the industry’s highest capacity sugar cane harvesters and ideally suited for the most demanding productivity and performance needs.

“These machines have exclusive features that further improve their outstanding efficiency,” said Yoann Clarisse, Case IH Harvester Product Marketing Specialist, EMEA Region, who conducted the test drives.“

“The SmartCruise adjusts the engine revolutions according to load demand without hydraulics operational losses and with consistent benefits in terms of fuel consumption, longer engine life and reduced downtime for maintenance,” added Clarisse. “This is crucial for most of our customers, as they need to run harvesting operations 24/7. Some of our sugar cane harvesters are required to work for more than 7,000 engines hours per season. Moreover, the unique Antivortex system increases the removal of all extraneous matter, and reduces caneloss through the extractor fan.”

The company also offers the Austoft® 4000 Series, specifically designed for small up to medium sized landholdings but also well suited for big plantations with reduced row spacing, where versatility and excellent maneuverability are key-factors.

Case IH harvesters are complemented by a full range of equipment for sugar cane operations that includes the renowned Steiger®, MagnumTM and PumaTM Series of high horsepower tractors, self-propelled sprayers, tillage and seeding complexes, balers and other attachments.

Mauritius, the right location

Mauritius was the ideal location to host the in-field demonstrations as sugar has been cultivated in the island for nearly 400 years and it remains one of the pillars of the country’s economy.

The Camp was organized in collaboration with its local dealer, Mechanization Co. Ltd., and with the support of La Moisson Limitée, local contracting company and Case IH customer for more than 40 years, which provided the machines used for the demonstrations.

“We have been relying on Case IH sugar cane harvesters for more than ten years,” commented Denis Lagesse, manager of La Moisson Limitée, “and we keep going back to them for their outstanding productivity and reliability.

“We chose the Austoft 8000 and Austoft 8800, for their high capacity and performance, as well as the comfort in the cab, which means our operators are more efficient and productive. Another reason was the SmartCruise system and the outcome has been beyond our expectations: with these sugar cane harvesters we have obtained a significant reduction in fuel consumption of around 20%!”, enthusiastically concluded Lagesse.

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