Training African farmers

Africa is becoming the global focus for food production, therefore making the upskilling crucial

NOSA Agri is helping African farmers to be prepared for global food production demand

Due to diminishing amounts of farmland and increasing populations globally, Africa will, of necessity, become the breadbasket of the world within the next 20 to 30 years.

It is our moral and social responsibility as Africans to ensure that we effectively utilise the unused arable land on our continent and thus take ownership of this essential agricultural resurgence. If we don’t do this, someone else will.

With this in mind, NOSA Agricultural Services (NOSA Agri) was born. 

NOSA Agri’s aim is to uplift and empower African agriculture through the provision of sustainable, appropriate and relevant agricultural training, education and support systems. NOSA Agri is an exciting new learning and information transfer platform that provides agricultural courses in a modular format to enhance the farmer’s own knowledge and experience. 

Food security is becoming an increasingly serious global issue caused mainly by increasing populations, ongoing climatic uncertainty, and the diminishing availability of productive agricultural land in first world countries. The bottom line remains that for African agriculture to undergo a radical improvement in line with the volume of money available for investment, the skills levels of small farmers needs to be uplifted at grass roots level in order to increase their individual and collective productivity. 

Utilising NOSA’s extensive infrastructure, existing contacts and depth of experience in the health and safety training fields, NOSA Agri is ideally positioned to play a prominent role in this crucial education and training process, and we are confident that the company will become the forerunner in agricultural training and information provision throughout Africa.

The learning process

The NOSA Agri course covers Animal Production, Crop Production and Farm Management. The full course covers 30 subjects and 350 lectures and was written specifically for the conditions prevailing in Central and Southern Africa. A learner may register online through the NOSA Agri website and upon confirmation will receive a study pack containing the Learner Guide and Learner Workbook. The learner may complete the learning activities in their own time and environment and can also attend practical training sessions. Upon completion the Learner will receive a NOSA Agri certificate for the modules or courses completed. 

Learners are also able to ‘bank’ their credits on our Learner Database and these will count towards further education, should they wish to study for one of the certificate courses in Animal Production, Crop Production, Farm Management or the comprehensive Certificate in Agriculture (which includes accounts, budgeting, planning and marketing). There is no time limit on these credits.

NOSA Agri’s course is designed for emerging commercial farmers, small-scale farmers, farm managers, farm labourers, school leavers, agricultural students and agri businesses. 

Advancing technology

NOSA Agri is currently developing an information technology system to facilitate the timeous transfer of important agricultural information to the farmer via mobile telecommunication.

NOSA Agri firmly believes that the only people who are able to drive sustainable African agriculture are us Africans. This will require the transfer of information from the learned to the learners using all means available. We strongly believe that NOSA Agri will have a positive influence on foundational and fundamental knowledge and skills for successful agricultural production.

Contact details

NOSA Agricultural Services 



Richard Nicholson  

+27 10 226 4000



Neill Jackson

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