by Hazel Jacobson

New technology

Farming made easier with the new seed tool

A new seed tool has been developed

“Farmers throughout South Africa constantly require our advice on which seeds are suitable for their farming environments. We decided to develop a user friendly web-based tool to speedily and efficiently source the information they require,” says Lucas Swart of Advance Seed.

Advance Seed has identified the main criteria common to farmers, such as biomes, seasons and soil types. “As South Africa’s climate varies greatly by region, the different climatic zones give rise to different types of vegetation. These regions, called biomes, are the first criteria in seed selection, explains Swart. “We utilise a national map of biomes established by the Department of Agriculture that depicts environmental conditions and then select the most adapted types by area.

“Although farmers generally know what to plant, they don’t always know the alternatives,” says Swart. “A farmer might plant maize for generations without realising there could be better yield alternatives. There is limited information available specific to the South African environment,” he says.

The product filters help farmers to compare and evaluate varieties on an informed basis and obtain technical information at any time of the day or night. Information includes suggested seeding solutions per soil type and season, planting methods, moisture requirements and even advantages and limitations per crop. There is an option to place an order online or obtain more information.

Concludes Swart, “The selector is an upfront decision making tool, assisting farmers to widen their options and place more informed orders. For further information, contact or call +27 11 762 5261.

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