The three Ps

A sustainable solution to pests and plant diseases


Pest and disease control: BioControl makes sustainable agriculture possible. Sustainable practices with reduced ecological impact are becoming increasingly important as we move to provide for an ever-growing world population while simultaneously reducing our impact on our planet. Biological farming methods make this possible by utilizing what Nature provides to increase yields and decrease negative environmental impact.

Biological control deploys the “Three P’s” to protect crops and control pests and diseases: Predators, Parasitoids, and Pathogens. These refer to the natural enemies of the pests and diseases that affect most crops in agriculture. Predators include beneficial insects such as ladybugs and lacewings. Parasitoids and Pathogens are used to either attack pest insects or produce antibiotic substances to prevent and treat bacterial and fungal diseases.

Biological farming focuses on the prevention of pest outbreaks through the purposeful manipulation of these natural enemies. This targeted approach ensures that there is no ill effect on the environment, including humans and other animals. It is compatible with many other Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices including cultural, physical, and mechanical controls.

Apart from disease and pest protection, biological farming also focuses on increasing the inherent strength of crops. Stronger plants with better root growth and leaf formation are better protected against pests and disease. There is also the added benefit of better root formation and therefore improved water and nutrient absorption, providing vital protection in our drought-prone country.

BioControl provides a comprehensive range of biological farming products, expertise to back it up, and laboratory soil analysis to tailor-make your sustainable solution.

BioControl’s range of pest control products protects against aphids, fruit fly, grasshoppers, bugs, beetles, and nematodes.

By using organisms that produce natural antibiotics, BioControl provides protection against bacterial and fungal infections, plant root diseases, as well as powdery and downy mildew.

Plant health and growth can be boosted with BioControl’s soil enhancements. These include products to rehabilitate and rejuvenate soil, compost-activators, improve organic nitrogen binding to roots, and a range of organic bio fertilizers.

In conjunction with IPM methods, BioControl aims to pave the way to easier agriculture with less upkeep, by offering you a long-term solution to sustainable farming:

  • Specific solutions for our harsh climate that breaks the life-cycle of pests and diseases.
  • Up to 60% less costly than other methods, but with improved yield.
  • No residue, soil depletion, or resistance build-up, and no withholding period after harvest.
  • Targeted against specific pests and diseases, making it safe for humans and animals.

Pests and diseases can be controlled in an eco-friendly, sustainable manner with biological farming methods.

Speak to BioControl for your tailor-made solution.

Eddie Honeyball is a microbiologist at the head of BioControl.

His passion is creating tailor made solutions to pest and plant diseases, increasing yield and decreasing production costs.

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