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The raisin industry

Still good opportunities for the raisin industry

The global raisin industry is healthy


The world market is healthy and there is a demand for fine quality South African raisins at good prices.  Due to labour unrest and rapidly rising input costs, financial institutions are not prepared to provide the total financing required by packers for an exceptionally large crop says Mr Johannes Fourie, Chairman of Dried Fruit Technical Services (DFTS).

Local packers do not have sufficient guarantees.  This implies that if producers insist on full payment for their entire crop, a lower price must be paid immediately otherwise only a portion of the crop can be bought straightaway.  

The prices that raisin packers were willing to pay in 2011 and 2012 were extremely good due to a small crop caused by heavy rain and floods.  In a very short period of time record prices were reached; resulting in a seller’s market. 

This year it is a buyer’s market due to a very large crop.  It should be expected that if prices increased very rapidly, it will come down slightly as a rectification.

On numerous occasions the industry was warned to maintain the balance between the different types of raisins in order to exploit market opportunities to the fullest.  Now the point is reached where the prices of certain raisin types still stand, while others seemed to have reached the ceiling.  

The market should not be confused with rumours to the detriment of local producers in the long run, said Fourie.

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