by Mark Campbell

The concerns of the baker

Consistent yield is the key to value

Bakers require consistent orders

Bakers are often considered to be both artists and scientists - artistic in the sense of producing appealing and creative pastries, breads and cakes and scientists because every ingredient needs to be accurately measured and weighed to precise formulae. Consistency however must be considered, for it is impossible for any concern to be financially viable without producing consistent volumes and quality.

“In the current economic climate where cash flow and profit remain important drivers, the words ‘Return on Investment’ (ROI) are often used. Companies that have the ROI mindset in everything they do will more easily achieve financial success. Similarly, the purchasing of world class flour in any professional bakery, bake for profit concern or food processor should be considered as an investment with a reliable return,” says Billy Oosthuizen, Managing Director, Foodcorp Milling.

The last few years have been financially difficult for the majority of businesses in South Africa. This has been especially true for the baking industry. There is no time or money for experimentation and companies return to tried and trusted methods. The reason for this is that they are guaranteed of, and are sure of, the expected results. By following this rationale, plans for the future can be made and budgets can be accurately set and achieved.

Market surveys that attempt to determine the best brands in the consumer and trade markets have shown repeatedly that the brands that excel are the brands that have longevity. These so called ‘Heritage Brands” are the tried and tested brands that customers and consumers return to, as they have proven their longevity by becoming household names in their chosen categories.

The same can be said for the baking industry. Bakers cannot take the chance that they will be one loaf short, a dozen rolls or a couple of éclairs under the expected finished bake. Being able to accurately forecast the yield will make or break any bake for profit concern. It is in the company’s best interest to bake with flour that is well known to produce consistent results.

Quality flour that produces reliable yields can only be achieved through dedication, commitment, innovation, contemporary milling methods, technology and above all experience. These attributes and qualities can only be mastered over time. Like a good wine, techniques are passed down from master to master.

One of the best known mills in South Africa is the Foodcorp Milling which has 120 years of experience in South Africa. It is one of the largest single site millsin South Africa. Foodcorp Milling is recognised as one of the most high-tech and productive mills in South Africa.

Billy concludes, “Foodcorp has used this heritage to pass on superior flour to the baking industry for many years. The products are of the highest quality and minimise any wastage.”

With time comes trust and strong relationships and with experience comes exceptional products. Longevity does outlast the rest by being constantly reliable and never having those ‘oh no’ moments.



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